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Arulmigu Kailasanathar and Dakshinamurthy Temple - History


Temple   History :

While on a war to protect His devotee, Lord Vishnu’s discuss slipped down and fell on Maharshi Thatheesi and lost its sharpness. Lord was discussing with Devas how to get back the discuss with its full power. He came to the conclusion that the weapon could be repaired and got back with the blessings of Lord Shiva. For Shiva worship, initiation is necessary by a learned Guru.

Lord Vishnu came here with His consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi, had a bath in a holy spring here and began penance. Lord Shiva appeared before Vishnu, taught Shiva Mantras and initiated for the pujas. Lord Shiva also told his disciple to worship Him with 1000 flowers in the place nearby called Tirumalpur in His Linga form and assured that the discuss would come back to Him fully powered at an appropriate time. Lord Vishnu, after the Shiva worship, got back His discus. As Lord Shiva appeared before Vishnu as Guru, He is worshipped here as Lord Dakshinamurthy.

The symbol in the forehead of Lord Vishnu is called Namam. This is done with a sand called Tiruman. Here Kumkum and Sandal is used for this dressing-Alankara to show Vishnu was a Shiva devotee. Baghwan Adhi Sankara has a shrine in the temple remembering his visit. Serpent deities, Rahu and Ketu – also serpent planets – are in a single shrine in the prakara. Those facing adverse serpent planet effects perform milk abishek here for relief.